Extreme Places to Visit for an Adventurer

mount everest

Extreme Places to Visit for an Adventurer

Adventure travel often takes you to places that many do not venture, but what are the most extreme places?

Here is a look at extreme places to visit for an adventurer.

The Highest Point on Earth

There are not that many places on earth that are as high as Mount Everest as the mountain stands at 8848 meters. Even though this is high, it doesn’t stop hundreds of people bracing the cold and thin air to reach the summit. Oxygen at Mount Everest is a third of what it is at sea level making it an extreme destination.

The Lowest Place on Earth

The lowest place on earth that is above water is the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan as it is 418 meters below sea level.

It is actually easier to drive there then wade through the waters where the mud is said to have healing properties.

The Hottest Place on Earth

death valley


Death Valley is the hottest place on Earth according to the World Meteorological Organization. In 1913 Death Valley experienced record temperatures where the mercury climbed to 57.7ºC.

The temperatures average at 43.3ºC during the warmer months. This extreme weather makes it an extreme destination for those that can take the heat.…

5 Exciting Resort Openings in 2016

the four seasons

5 Exciting Resort Openings in 2016

There are some amazing resorts opening this year, so if you fancy a holiday then check out these places.

The Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina in Hawaii

This is the first Four Seasons on Oahu and is set to open med-2016 with all of the luxuries that are associated with this brand.

The resort will feature multiple pools, a spa, tennis courts, a free shuttle to the golf course designed by Ted Robinson, fine dining and 358 rooms that have ocean views.

EAST Miami

The brand EAST will be opening their third hotel in Downtown Miami. All of the rooms at the hotel will feature floor to ceiling windows to optimize the views of the skyline.

The restaurant will be on the fifth floor with inside and outside seating, amazing views, a sushi bar and a stone hearth oven.

Guests can get in shape at the hotels gym that will have the latest equipment or relax poolside. The pool area is 20 000 square feet and features a lap pool, a cold plunge, spa pool and a hot tub.

Thanda Island in Tanzania

thanda island


This is a private island boutique resort where guests will have a unique experience.…

London Anniversaries in 2016


London Anniversaries in 2016

London has always been a hotspot for travellers and 2016 will show that once again it is the place to be especially with the number of anniversaries coming up. The Queen will be celebrating her 90th birthday and it will also be 400 years since the death of Shakespeare.

Lets take a look at the anniversaries in London that are sure to be spectacular events to attend.

Shakespeare 400



In 2016 it will be the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare. This anniversary will bring together exhibitions, public performances and more throughout the year.

It will also be a great year to take the Shakespeare Globe Theater Tour. Highlights are to include an exhibition at the British Library and there will be a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that is sure to be special at the Barbican Theatre from the 17th May to the 21st 2016.

350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London started on 2nd September 1666 in a bakery on Pudding Lane in The City of London. A monument was then built in the memory of the fire that devastated the city.…

Make an Encounter with a Spook in the UK

treasurers house

Make an Encounter with a Spook in the UK

If you are looking for a spooky encounter, then the UK has everything that you need to get a fright. Here are the best places for a spooky time.

The Treasurer’s House

A workman that was repairing the cellar door in 1953, saw Roman soldiers marching through the walls of the cellar. It was later discovered that the house was built across the remains of Roman Road. Since then many have seen the hauntings of Roman soldiers.

Corfe Castle

The ruins of the castle tower of Corfe. The castle was destroyed during the English civil war. The occupants of the castle were on the losing side and the ghostly inhabitants were Royal murder victims. The legend is that Queen Elfrida murdered the 18 year old heir to the throne, Edward Aethling so that her son, Aethelred the Unready could rule.

Edward II was jailed later on and then murdered on the orders of his wife Isabella and her lover Mortimer.

There are plenty of restless spirits in Corfe.

Blickling Hall blocking hall

Sir John Fastolf was owned the 4 777 acre Norfolk estate. He sold it to Geoffrye Boleyn the father of Anne Boleyn who married Henry VIII.…

Chocolate Factory Tours


Chocolate Factory Tours

Chocolate is a massive industry and is dominated by just a few chocolate manufacturers. Four of the largest produces in the world offer fun tours so that you can see how your favorite chocolate is made.

Mars: The Ethel M Factory Tour, Las Vegas, USA



The Mars Company is the largest producer of Chocolate and create Snickers, M&Ms, Twix and Dove. M&MS were invented in 1941 by Forrest Mars Sr, after he saw soldiers during WWII eating chocolate that was covered in a candy coating to stop it from melting.

The tour of the factory is best in the week when the factory is in operation and every guest gets one free piece of chocolate.

Nestle: Maison Cailler Chocolate, Broc, Switzerland

Nestle is a Swiss brand that has been making chocolate since 1920. They create much loved treats like KitKats, Butterfinger Bars and the entire Wonka line.

At the factory you can spend an hour walking through and learning about the history of chocolate. The tour ends in the tasting room where you are taught how to taste chocolate and you are encouraged to eat as much chocolate as possible.

Cadbury: Cadbury World, Birmingham, UK

Cadbury has given us Dairy Milk bars, Crème Egg, Turkish Delight and more.…

Great Places to Spot Wildlife that are not in Africa

yellowstone national park

Great Places to Spot Wildlife that are not in Africa

The African safari is the king when it comes to adventure travel. There is a good reason for this, as you are able to watch the Great Migration as it rosses the Serengeti, you are able to track elephants and cast your eyes on the king, the lion. Africa is amazing for wildlife, but it is not the only place where you are able to stare at the grandeur of wildlife.

Here are other great places to spot wildlife that are not in Africa.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park has been called the Serengeti of North America. This is the home to a variety of amazing wildlife.

There are large herds of elk and bison as well as wolves and bears, but that’s not all. If you have keen eyes you may spot mountain goats, deer, moose, sheep, otters, foxes, mountain lions and even badgers and lynxes.

Even though there is not a huge abundance of wildlife like in Africa the species are still impressive.

Churchill, Manitoba

In the north of Canada Manitoba Province is Churchill, which is known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Hundreds of bears each fall gather outside the city and wait for the Hudson Bay to freeze for the winter so that they can move north.…