About Us

About Us

Getwettour, which is established in Antalya in 2021. In the Tourism sector, in development of tour scale projects , following the online technological innovation to contribute in Tourism and Service Industry for the purpose of reaching its contemporary level. Since its foundation, Getwettour made its principle to earn a respectful place in the Tourism World by showing stable growth with its professionalism, safety, honesty, and market development features. Company management that closely follows developments in the Tourism sector and new demands in the market aimed to be the leading company in the Tourism sector. Getwettour, that organizing the Tours by the schedule and above the expected quality level has reached serious respectfulness in the Tourism sector. Getwettour’s staff’s experience and professionalism and the strategy that developed by the manegement team and organizational success have been very effective for company’s current position. Getwettour has embraced a basic policy to work with the partners that prioritize safety, quality, and hygiene as their principle in all their tours that they organized.


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