Distance Selling Contract

Distance Selling Contract


    The booking and purchase contract of the tour.

    This service sales contract is signed by  GetwetTour Tourism Travel Agency  Tra. Ltd Com. (Hereinafter referred to as GetwetTour.).And the participant with the following name and address (hereinafter referred to as the Client), www.getwettour.com (hereinafter referred to as the Website.) If the service fee for the service has been paid in advance by GetwetTour, the service date will be accepted and effective by the parties.

    1. General issues and features of the service
    1. In accordance with this agreement between GetwetTour and the Customer, GetwetTour offers the services specified in the tour details on www.getwettour.com (hereinafter referred to as the Website) in relation to the specified touristic trip. The customer agrees, declares and undertakes to fulfill the obligations specified in this contract.
    2. The main points of the service provided by GetwetTour in the detailed tour program are the departure time, return time and date of the tour and the services specified in the tour description on the site. Services included and not included in the tour program fee are specified in the tour details on the site.
    3. The detailed tour program is an integral part of this contract and the Customer agrees to this by signing this contract for the sale of services.
    4. GetwetTour may change the order and time of the visiting places if deemed necessary before or during the tour, provided that it falls under the category specified in the tour program on the website.

    2.Reservation and payment conditions:

    1. Bookings and sales become reality after reading this contract and detailed tour programs offered by GetwetTour to the Customer, payment and approval of GetwetTour official.
    2. A customer who has booked on behalf of more than one person or group is responsible for fully reporting the terms of the contract, detailed tour schedules, other persons with whom he has booked a room, and obtaining their approval. It is generally accepted that they know the responsibilities and obligations of others. The customer is responsible for disputes arising out of these shortcomings of others, GetwetTour is not responsible in any way.
    3. Terms, amounts, payment methods are specified in each detailed tour Schedule
    4. When payments are requested in Turkish Lira (TL -₺), not in foreign currency, the CBRT rate on the current day is taken as the basis.
    5. Expenses such as bank costs, deductions from the service provider, which do not occur in the same way as the amount of tour payment that the customer will cover at the time of payment, belong to the customer. The amount payable to getwettour is indicated on the site.
    6. GetwetTour is obliged to have compulsory travel insurance for customer accommodation tours. Since there is no insurance obligation for tours whose duration does not exceed 24 hours, the insurance applies only to residential tours. The conditions specified in this insurance policy apply. If the customer does not consider the conditions of the mandatory travel insurance policy sufficient, they can individually purchase new insurance. But they cannot claim the cancellation or refund of the insurance provided by GetwetTour.

    3. Mandatory changes and cancellation of the tour in connection with them

    1. Cancellation of planned concerts and events for these reasons. Travel is not responsible, but getwettour is responsible for its obligations. GetwetTour assumes no material or moral responsibility. GetwetTour may change or cancel the tour for these reasons.3.2 unlike agreements between GetwetTour and all types of vehicles, GetwetTour is not responsible for the delays, failures, accidents, personal defects of its drivers, and GetwetTour is not responsible for material or moral reasons. GetwetTour is not responsible for any changes, delays or cancellations that may occur during the flight. The customer agrees and undertakes that any changes and agreements may be made by the airline.

    4. Getwettour and customer cancellation conditions

    1. GetwetTour does not apply any interest for late payments if the customer does not make the payment, if the customer does not have to delay payments. However, unless otherwise specified in the detailed tour schedule, the customer must pay no later than 1 day before the tour departure date. Otherwise, GetwetTour reserves the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement and refund all payments except flights, hotels, event and concert tickets.
    2. When GetwetTour deems it necessary, without the customer's permission, the only type of customer, provided that we are notified from the departure date;1 day for daily tours, sightseeing tours for 1 day early 1 day for domestic tours, overseas tours may cancel 15 days prior. In case of such cancellation, GetwetTour is obliged to refund the commission paid to the customer. However, the customer cannot claim compensation in connection with the cancellation of the reservation. GetwetTour cannot be held responsible for damage caused by upgrades or Miles used by customers on aircraft and hotels.
    3. If for any reason he cancels the Tour 2 days before the City Tours, 2 days before the domestic tours and 20 days before the international tours, the entire amount he paid will be refunded. The account or credit card paid by GetwetTour will be refunded within 20 days from the date of the cancellation notice.
    4. For cancellations made by the customer, regardless of the reason after these dates, the customer undertakes to pay the remainder of the tour fee and the payment made so far is not refundable. If it replaces another customer at this time, the entire amount paid will be refunded. The account or credit card paid by GetwetTour will be refunded within 30 days of the cancellation notice.
    5. The customer can transfer the purchased tour 3 days before the city tours, 20 days before the domestic tours and 30 days before the international tours. GetwetTour makes every effort to extend this period for the benefit of the customer. Along with the receiving party, the receiving party is responsible for the balance, and the transferring party is responsible for the costs that may arise from the transfer. Even if the buyer does not have a signature on this sales agreement and forms, it is subject to the terms of this agreement.
    6. Refunds to customers are made in foreign currency in favor of GetwetTour.

    5. Getwettour and customer flaws

    1. GetwetTour, 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this agreement. except for the reasons specified in its articles, it undertakes to refund all money paid to the customer in the event of failure to comply with the terms of this agreement.
    2. If the customer confirms that he cannot receive any of the services specified in the tour, GetwetTour will refund the customer for the relevant part of the tour. However, the customer loses the right to refund or compensation if he cannot document his complaint during the tour. Complaints or suggestions for improvement after the tour do not require the right to return or compensation.
    3. Getwettour is not responsible for the customer's late payments and the consequences that may result from the late and incomplete delivery of documents. In this case, GetwetTour reserves the right to cancel this Agreement and the customer's participation in the tour.
    4. The customer guarantees that the information and documents provided by GetwetTour are accurate and complete. GetwetTour is based on this information and documents from travel agencies. The customer is responsible for the inaccuracy or absence of these documents, the loss, the Prohibition of going abroad for any reason by judicial or law enforcement agencies, the arrest at the airport, the arrest and detention at the airport or at the border. No refund or compensation can be requested.
    5. The customer is responsible for being late to the plane when the tour is late to the place of departure, for responding to the reasons that arise during the tour, and for missing the tour due to being late to the place of departure. In no event shall the customer hold GetwetTour liable or claim compensation or compensation.
    6. GetwetTour is not responsible for the reasons a customer leaves the tour due to personal problems or excuses and does not want to stay at the hotel mentioned.
    7. Customer cannot hold GetwetTour responsible for its own health problems. He is responsible for assessing the health and fitness of the tour.
    8. The hotel is responsible for property damage and damage caused by the customer to the places and vehicles served and cannot in any way retain GetwetTour.
    9. Expenses not included in the tour price specified in the detailed tour program belong to the customer and are obliged to pay.
    10. The client is responsible for all valuable documents and items that are with him or acquired during the tour. GetwetTour is not responsible for its losses.
    11. Lap leaders must provide clear information on the progress of the tour. The customer is responsible for problems caused by not hearing, forgetting or deliberately following general announcements made during the tour.
    12. The client agrees in advance to comply with the rules of the tour and program, the rules of the country and place of residence, and to respect all the rights of others on the tour. Customer is liable to GetwetTour and other customers for any problems or losses caused by non-compliance.

    6.Dispute the provisions of this agreement are governed by Turkish law.

    In all disputes that may arise in connection with this detailed tour schedule, getwettour records will be considered indisputable evidence.

    Manavgat courts and law enforcement agencies have the authority to assess all disputes that may arise depending on the detailed tour schedule.

    GETWETTOUR (GETWETTOUR Tourism Travel Agency Tra LTD. Com)  GetwetTour reserves the right to change the terms.

If you have questions about these Terms and Conditions, please send an e-mail to info@getwettour.com